Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Our business; As a Sustainability Policy; It addresses environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, safety, risk and crisis management issues.

• To ensure the control of all kinds of waste generated as a result of the activities carried out in our hotel after sorting, collection, temporary storage, recycling, transportation and disposal processes according to their source and characteristics.
• To minimize the damage to the environment during the use of natural resources.

• To create sustainable performance criteria that are constantly growing and developing with our management systems and targets.

• To fully comply with all environmental legislation by making all kinds of monitoring, measurement, analysis and control in order to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from our activities and to prevent environmental pollution.

• To shape our policies by taking into account the requests and works of non-governmental organizations, institutions and organizations as well as the people of the region.

• To implement a continuous training program to create environmental awareness for our employees

• The “Sustainability Team” established for sustainability carries out the necessary studies for continuous improvements, reports the relevant studies to the team leader, and the team leader makes presentations about the studies to be done to the senior management.

 Our hotel implements a long-term sustainability management system suitable for its size and scope, addressing environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health, safety, risk and crisis management issues and directing continuous improvement.


We attach importance to gender equality in our business.
• We ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, regardless of gender.
• We support women's participation in the workforce in all our departments and offer equal opportunities.
• We act with the policy of “equal pay for equal work” without gender discrimination.
• We distribute tasks by considering the principle of equality.
• We provide the necessary environment for equal use of career opportunities.
• We create education policies, support women's participation and increase awareness.
• We create a working environment and practices that protect the work-family life balance.
• We support women to be in company management and offer equal opportunities.
• Women should not be subjected to any form of abuse, harassment, discrimination, suppression, coercion, slander, etc. We do not allow ourselves to be exposed to situations. We are always aware of the value they add to the world and our institution and we support their existence.


Children are the relics of the future to us. Recognizing them as individuals, respecting their rights, all kinds of psychological, physical, commercial, etc. It is our primary responsibility to watch over and protect against exploitation.

To ensure this;

We do not allow child labor in our own institutions and we expect the same sensitivity from all our business partners.
We offer environments/opportunities within the enterprise that contribute to the development of children, where they can freely express their thoughts, wishes and feelings, and where they feel free and comfortable.
We train our employees on the prevention and recognition of child abuse.
We make sure that children are under adult supervision in the activities they participate in.
We organize trainings and support related projects to raise awareness about the protection of children's rights.
When we witness suspicious actions related to children, we first inform the hotel management and ask for help from official institutions when deemed necessary.



In our business, we protect the environment, prevent its pollution, and give importance to its protection by reducing our negative effects on the environment.

For this;

We comply with legal regulations and try to reduce our environmental impact.
We take care to effectively separate our wastes according to their source, groups and hazard classes.
We know that using dangerous substances and chemicals only when needed and as needed will reduce both the negative effects on the environment and the amount of waste,
We contribute to the protection of nature by choosing "recycling" and "environmentally friendly" labels in the materials we buy in our business. We try to create opportunities for reuse,
We take care to leave less waste to the nature by using disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper, packaging as much as necessary,
We store the wastes correctly, in separate areas according to their characteristics, deliver them to licensed/authorized companies without exceeding the legal storage time limits, and preserve their records,
We try to use water, energy and all natural resources economically. We share this sensitivity with our employees, guests and suppliers.
We measure our performance in environmental management, monitor this data with targets and try to improve our performance.
We aim to educate our employees about the environment and increase their sensitivity.


In line with the understanding of sustainable supply, our suppliers/solution partners;

Having Quality Assurance Management Systems, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, internationally accepted environmental and sustainability ethics/certificates,
To have no harmful effects on the environment in production and supply, to comply with environmental legislation,
Sources; using/consuming appropriately without harming natural life and ecosystem, complying with hunting bans,
It works to minimize its waste and manage it correctly, it offers less packaging in product packaging or offers bulk packaging alternatives,
Environmentally friendly, economical, local, ethical values, using recyclable or recycled materials, organic, bio, vegan, not tested on animals, free of harmful chemical components, etc. to offer alternatives,
Being a domestic and local production/service provider,
To be a product/service that reflects/promotes the cuisine, traditions and culture of our country/region,
We attach importance and convey this point of view to our stakeholder suppliers. Together with our suppliers, we try to create efficient purchasing opportunities and aim to reduce the environmental impacts arising from procurement processes.


In order to protect our world from possible dangers, we use our energy efficiently and set targets to reduce our energy consumption.

For this;

We follow national and international standards, laws and regulations in order to fulfill both our responsibilities towards nature and our legal obligations, we voluntarily carry out studies to reduce energy use and/or continuously improve our energy consumption performance, and we monitor the results of our studies.
We set goals and include energy efficiency in our training programs in order to ensure the participation of our employees.
We attach importance to cooperating with all our stakeholders to create common goals and results in energy management. We try to maintain our interaction with our guests, employees, visitors and all business partners in order to reach a level of awareness and consciousness on these issues.
We try to find, purchase and use energy efficient suitable products, equipment, equipment and technology alternatives.
We aim to document our Energy Management System, to disseminate it to all our departments, to update, review and continuously improve when necessary.
We evaluate energy risks or emergencies such as energy shortages, and plan the measures that can be taken.